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Irresponsible drinking is the #1 cause of preventable death among Canadian youth. After decades of responsible drinking programs, why are students still not getting the message? Who is trying to get the message out, and how can it be more effective? Who takes responsibility for solving this societal issue? This site is an initiative to open the dialogue to all people around the issue of responsible drinking.

Travel behind closed doors from strategy meetings in Molson's boardrooms to frosh week parties in university dorm rooms. Follow executives as they plan responsible drinking campaigns, and students as they face the freedom and pressures of university life.

"The Message in a Bottle" is an ambitious mini-doc series made for the web, underwritten by Molson. For this unbranded project I cast Molson in the role of the brewer, alongside several different stakeholders involved in promoting responsible alcohol consumption.

When I approach corporate social responsibility video initiatives, I ask companies, "How can you communicate who you are as a company by casting yourself as a character in a bigger story." It's crucial that the content is something that your target demographic will engage with for its own sake.

In the case of Molson, they took an exciting risk in giving me unfiltered access to their offices and boardrooms. Ultimately, this show of transparency and fallibility serves to humanize a corporation, and let consumers know they are an company of ethical people, trying to do the right thing.